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Motorcycle Tyre Warmer


Automobile Outdoor Insulation Heating System

Product Description

Tyre warmer description:
---Aluminum foil with heating element,inside is silicone rubber heating wire
---work temperature 60-90c degree,over heat protect,good waterproof material,Display of heating periods by LED lights
---The heating elements cover 43% of the tire surface and is up to 20% more powerful than leading competitors to ensure a fast heating cycle ( 30 minutes subject to atmospheric conditions )
---Self fitting elasticized sides offer a snug fit and uniform distribution,velcro Fastening,The three dimensional pre-shaped form allows quicker distribution of warmth to the sides of the tires,Pre-heat tires for greater adhesion,Enable longer tire life by reducing shredding,Assists in getting better starts,Improves rider confidence and decreases your opposition
Size of Tyre warmer
front tyre 120/125 17 inch 360w and rear tyre 180/190/200 17 inch 580w

Resistance material is used as the heat source, and the outer layer is covered with soft insulation materials, used to manufacture heating elements for a variety of national appliances. If the heating wire is applied with the rated voltage, the heating wire will produce heat, and with the configuration and under the influence of the external heat dissipation conditions, the temperature will be balanced within a certain range. The products are used to create electric heating components of various shapes, widely used in refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, drinking fountains, rice cookers and other household appliances.
The heating wires are divided into two parts: the heating part and the lead-out cooling wire. The heating part is heating resistance wires, and the lead-out cooling wire is a single core copper wire. There are three kinds of sealing methods.
1. Heat shrink tube seal
2. Silicone rubber molded seal
3. Heating wires and lead-out cooling wire integrated seal, marked with a black mark, simple and clear.

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