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Soil Heating Wire

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Wrap-On GRO-QUICK Heavy-Duty Soil Warming Cables. The thermostatically controlled heat of GRO-QUICK electric soil warming cables gently speeds germination and seedling growth to produce large, healthy plants ready for transplanting. Use indoors or out to provide a head start to the regular growing season. Gro-Quick cables come in a full range of easy to install sizes. GRO-QUICK Heavy-Duty Soil Warming Cables are designed for the commercial grower or advanced hobbyist.
The Economy Soil Heating Cables are ideal for starting seeds. A built-in thermostat activates when the soil temperature falls below 74 degrees.
Start Your seeds and root your Cuttings. These heating cables speed seedling germination and growth with gentle bottom heat allowing you to get a head start on the growing season. They have a built-in thermostat that automatically activates the heating element if the soil temperature drops below 74 F which is the optimal root zone temperature for most seedlings and starts. Each heating cable includes installation instructions and helpful tips.
Soil Heating Cable
·Warm root area over ambient air temperature to improve the germination process
·Help seedlings grow faster and stronger
·Easy to use convenient
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