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Roof Heating Wire

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Heat Trace Cables are perfect for keeping snow off the eves and out of the gutters of your roof. These self-regulating cables create and maintain draining paths on rooftops and in gutters and downspouts for water produced by melting snow and ice. This prevents the formation of ice dams and icicles, which can lead to extensive damage and costly repairs. Available in both plug-in and thermostat controlled options, these cables come in a variety of sizes for both residential and commercial applications
The Nuheat 13PK Plug-in cable is a self-regulating heating cable designed for residential and commercial roof and gutter de-icing. Available in 120V, this 13 watt cable is suitable for various roof and gutter types, as well as downspouts. Factory assembled with a standard three-prong plug, each cable can simply connect to any grounded 120V receptacle. The cable's ability to self-regulate allows it to overlap across itself (without risk of overheating or burnout) for easy installation along roofs, gutters and inside downspouts.
The heating Cable has been designed for the purpose of preventing ice buildup which form on roofs.
·This cable, eliminates dangerous snow build up.
·Easy installation,give you safe in winter
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